Badge holders

Rigid or soft badge holders for one or two cards.

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IDX badge holders

IDX - badge holder (horizontal or vertical)

Manufactured in France, the IDX range of badge holders efficiently protects your cards (thickness: 0.5 mm to 1.25 mm)

Picture IDS 36 - Professional soft badge holder

IDS 36 - Professional badge holder

Transparent PVC soft badge holder with reinforced top for professional use.

IDS 35 - Badge holder with reinforced color top full colors

Transparent PVC badge holder with reinforced color top.

IDS 36-1 Clear PVC soft badge holder

Clear PVC badge holder with a central oblong hole on both sides to avoid the loss of the card.

IDS 69 - Badge holder for two cards (Horizontal)

This frosted polycarbonate badge holder is scratch-resistant.