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Evolis launched Banking Insights, white papers which aim to give special insight into the banking sector. We share our thoughts with you on various subjects relating to the trends and changes taking place in this market. Our aim is to give you objective and accurate information thanks to the expertise of Evolis teams.

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Despite the development of digital payment methods and the decline in in-store traffic, the bank card remains the number one payment method.

What further developments will we see in the future? What will tomorrow’s bank card look like? What new features can we expect? 

Learn about the top three bank card trends in this guide:

  • Even more contactless use.

  • Even more technologies.

  • Even more design.



New consumption trends are driving banks to increase their range of services.

The instant issuance of bank cards in-branch provides leverage for attracting and retaining customers. And that’s not the only benefit. 

Discover the full potential of this service and the keys to getting started in this white paper. Contents:

  • How bank card instant issuance responds to the latest trends.

  • Practical benefits for banks and their customers.

  • Your printing solution: the key to your instant issuance service.

  • The right equipment and the right partner.

Evolis Banking Insight white paper #4

Facilitating Successful Instant Issuance

Analyzing of the integration impact and operation of an instant card issuance service in bank branches.

In this whitepaper, you'll find information about:

  • Card issuance solutions delivered from the cloud
  • Benefits of a card issuance system with high security features
  • The importance of choosing modular and flexible solutions
Evolis Banking Insight white paper #4
Evolis Banking Insight white paper #2

Self-service printing of payment cards

Instant self-service issuance of payment cards: a growing trend

In this white paper we cover:

  • How are bank branches moving toward an "omnichannel" approach?
  • To what extent is the connected customer leading the change in branches?
  • How can you automate payment card issuance?
Evolis Banking Insight white paper #2
Evolis Banking Insight white paper #1

Choose the ideal instant printing model

An analysis to help you to choose among different instant issuance solutions, from basic to full-fledged ones.

In this white paper, we cover:

  • The basic instant printing model
  • The complete instant printing model (in SaaS mode)
  • The complete instant printing model (integrated in the bank)
  • The advantages and disadvantages of each model
Evolis Banking Insight white paper #1