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Instantly provide your members with a personalized membership card, enabling you to visually identify them while strengthening their ties to your club or association.

A high-quality and functional membership card

Membership cards printed on plastic cards have the following advantages:

  • Sturdiness of the PVC medium: resistant, your membership cards will easily last all season.
  • Customization: you integrate your designs and logo and add the data required: first names and surnames of your members, photos, the card's validity date, etc. The connection to your database allows you to effortlessly print all your cards.
  • Visual quality: Evolis printers print in high resolution, giving your cards a professional finish.
  • Additional features: using the Evolis printer encoders, (magnetic strip, contact or contactless chip) and while printing barcodes, you can integrate access management, prepayment, or even promotional offers from partnering stores in your cards.


A stronger brand image

Plastic membership cards give your club or association a modern and dynamic image. Customized using your colors, these cards boost the status of your members and increase their loyalty and feeling of belonging to your club.

With Evolis card printers, you can produce your cards instantly, making it incredibly easy to replace a stolen or lost card on site. Your members are given their card straightaway, which increases their satisfaction.


Easy to implement

Evolis card machines are used like standard office printers. Easy to install and use, they don't need advanced computer skills. With a user-friendly design, they take up very little space and can be easily integrated into your office. 



  • Instant card printing
  • Stronger brand image and sense of belonging to your club
  • Multi-function cards
  • Easy-to-use printers

Card printers for Membership card

zenius card printer

Zenius card printer

The compact and agile card printer

The Zenius printer is designed for single-sided printing of any type of plastic cards.

Card lifespan:
1-3 years
Number of cards per year:
Between 500 and 5,000
Card security level:
Card Issuance mode:
Primacy card printer

Primacy card printers

The Fast and Versatile Card Printer

Primacy is available in single and dual-sided versions and is the ideal choice for printing and encoding cards in medium and large runs.

Single-sided, Double-sided
Card lifespan:
1-3 years
Number of cards per year:
More than 30,000
Card security level:
Card Issuance mode:
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