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Attendance and time management badge

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Are you planning to implement a time and attendance management system in your company or factory? Personalized employee badges with the company branding and a photo of the employee can facilitate this implementation.

Monitor the attendance time of employees 

Employee badges can be used for access to buildings, but also to monitor the time spent at work. It can then become a real asset for the human resources department and managers in your company.

Employee personal data can be encoded in the cards

With RFID cards, you can incorporate badge holders' personal data into the badges. Used together with a clock-in/out system, you can easily monitor attendance and hours worked within your company.

  • You can control labor costs more simply and automatically
  • You can increase your productivity with salary management
  • You can make sure you have all the information available for legal compliance with regard to working hours
  • And coupled with an access control system, you can secure your infrastructure and give your employees greater independence

Attendance and time management badges with Evolis 

Evolis card printers allow you to print personalized badges for attendance and time management, easily and rapidly.

Genuine professional badge printers, they can easily be integrated with existing access control and attendance and time management systems in your company, and are available from a number of systems integrators (Sagem, Morpho, etc.) for new projects.

Evolis card printers also include encoding modules allowing personal data to be stored within the card. So you can independently manage your clocking in/out cards.



  • Instant printing
  • Photo quality
  • Reliability and durability of the card medium
  • Data can be recorded on a magnetic strip, or a contact or contactless chip

Card printers for Attendance and time management badge

zenius card printer

Zenius card printer

The compact and agile card printer

The Zenius printer is designed for single-sided printing of any type of plastic cards.

Card lifespan:
1-3 years
Number of cards per year:
Between 500 and 5,000
Card security level:
Card Issuance mode:
Primacy card printer

Primacy card printers

The Fast and Versatile Card Printer

Primacy is available in single and dual-sided versions and is the ideal choice for printing and encoding cards in medium and large runs.

Single-sided, Double-sided
Card lifespan:
1-3 years
Number of cards per year:
More than 30,000
Card security level:
Card Issuance mode:
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