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Interview with Emmanuel Picot, CEO, Evolis. September 2015

E.picot-Evolis CEO

What was turnover for the first six months of the year?

Evolis posted record turnover of €38.6 million over the first half of the year. This sharp growth was caused by record sales.


What were the features of this growth?

The performance of the Channels business and the positive direction taken by the Projects business were the drivers of this growth. Projects include the contract signed by Evolis with the Republic of Tanzania in the EMEA area (Europe, the Middle East and Africa).  Apart from the Tanzania project, the company also recorded highly dynamic growth (up 156%) in this geographical area compared with the first half of 2014. In the Americas, meanwhile, migration of the US banking model continued.

This business vitality is also perceptible thanks to the positive impact of the strong USD on the business, coming in at close to €4 million in the first half of the year. It should also be noted that printer sales accounted for 56.3% of business compared with previously recorded six-month sales volumes.

Evolis also achieved historic profitability levels by maintaining the gross profit margin at 58% and posting an operating margin of 18.4%, making for 54% growth compared with the first half of 2014. The net profit is also up significantly by 51.6%, representing a 1.1 net margin point increase over the first half of the year.

Finally, this growth has enabled operational cash flow of close to €10 million to be generated and has strengthened Evolis’ financial position.


What are the aims for 2015?

The group is continuing to capitalize on the positive dynamic across its business areas and on a balance between its products, business lines and geographical locations over the second half of the year. The group is also pursuing the development of its market penetration and diversification strategy at both the top-end and entry-level.

Taking into account the current figures, the ongoing effect of euro/dollar exchange rate fluctuations and favorable end-of-year prospects, the group has once again raised its target turnover figure to 25% for the 2015 financial year.