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Plastic price tags adapted for a seafood section

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Price tags perfectly adapted for an in-store fish and seafood section in a supermarket

The challenge: Facilitate, harmonize and optimize the price tags’ update.


In the mass distribution field, the price fluctuation, the products’ origin and the variation of supplies complicate price tags ‘update for the food products.

In order to streamline the price tags’ management, a supermarkets’ director has set up an innovating solution.

Using the Primacy plastic card printer provides to the section’s sellers many advantages to update on daily basis.



The answer: an ingenious dual-sided labeling system with Evolis Primacy.


Very compact, the printer is set up close to the counter and provides an instant update. Thanks to the integrated database, Primacy provides an important time-saving where the modifications are computerized right before the printing.

The fish and seafood section uses dual-sided plastic cards:

Front:  Besides, the denomination of the product and the price, the display includes the scientific name of the fish in Latin, the fishing method used as well as the geographical fishing area; all of this in accordance with the European regulation.

Back: For the seller, many useful information can be printed such as a barcode or a price look up code for an immediate capture on the scale.

“The ease of use and responsiveness when updating and printing price tags are real advantages.” outlines Philippe Germond, director of the supermarket, Super U Les Justices.


A supermarket prints its own price tags thanks to an innovating solution

The result: responsiveness, time-saving and reinforced brand’s image.


The solution enables the teams a real time-saving every day, whether in the updating or in the tag’s cleaning. The plastic card has a smooth surface that ensures a complete hygiene.

“With price tags that are more appealing and of high-quality printing, our fish section displays a standardized and neat layout that improves the overall customer experience”, as emphasizes Philippe Germond.

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